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Our Story

Parks Drivers:
Driving Client Relationships Since 1975

Cars have changed a lot since 1975, but the art of providing great customer service is still the same. It is an art form that we at Parks Drivers have worked hard to provide and prided ourselves on for five decades.


Why choose Parks Drivers? It is quite simple:



We place the highest value on reliability, quality, and the skill of our chauffeurs. Our reputation has remained stellar over 40+ years, and we have the hand-written thank-you cards to prove it.


The Parks Drivers Story

My name is Ted Marsh, and I am the owner of Parks Drivers. I am pleased to have you visit my website, and introduce our story.


Parks Drivers was established in 1975 by Dave & Jean Parks in Southport, Connecticut. The company originally catered to the airport livery service using the customer's vehicle. As business grew, the focus of Parks Drivers expanded to New York City and surrounding areas based upon our customers' requirements, and it eventually topped 50% of all revenue.

In 1990, I started as a line driver, along with assisting in account management for many years dealing with high profile, four-generation customers with 30+ years of association with Parks Drivers. I subsequently purchased Parks Drivers in 2004 and grew the business nearly three-fold in a short period of time, thanks to the performance and reliability of our staff and our customer familiarity and comfort.

Over the years, Parks Drivers has developed long-standing relationships, providing its car services to high-profile entertainers and established companies throughout Fairfield County and beyond. Parks Drivers has acted as a personal chauffeur for some of these select clients for many years and even decades. We have earned their trust. We would like to earn yours as well.

Our Road Ahead Remains Bright

The experienced chauffeurs of Parks Drivers look forward to continuing their company's growth with the next generation of discerning customers who value our skills, reliability and attention to detail. Let us share our experience with you so you can see why we create long-standing relationships. We will demonstrate the reason we remain to this day the preferred top-shelf, drive-your-car service in Fairfield County to meet all of your custom transportation needs.

I wish you many safe and fruitful travels!



We are the best and longest-running top-shelf driving service in Fairfield County. Our professional staff drives your car to your destination of choice because we focus on customizing our services to your specific needs. Our top priority is to create a trusted, long-term relationship with you. 

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