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Our Car Services

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New York-Area Airport Shuttles

Avoid airport parking fees and worries about leaving your car unprotected for days or weeks in an airport parking lot. We will drive you in the comfort of your own car, drop you off at your terminal, and then bring your car back to your home so it will be parked safely in your own garage while you are gone. When you are ready to return, we will retrieve your car again from your house or other designated location and pick you up at the airport. Your car will also be much easier to identify at the terminal than a random vehicle you do not know.

Parks Drivers has a vast knowledge of New York-area airports and can provide you with efficient transportation to and from the following:

John F. Kennedy International  (JFK)

LaGuardia (LGA)

Newark Liberty International (EWR)

Bradley International (BDL)

Westchester County (HPN)

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Do you have regular medical treatments, doctor appointments, or hospital care that require a car? Is it a hassle and inconvenience to others around you for you to get medical care without their help? It is challenging today to trust a driver to take the necessary precautions or to be helpful when you need individualized attention and care.


Parks Drivers can take care of you. We will drive you to obtain the medical attention you need and then return you to your home or wherever else you need to go afterward. We will wear face masks to protect you and take you in the comfort of your own car (or we can use another nearby family member's car, if preferred). If your appointments are repeatable and predictable, tell us and we will schedule our calendars in advance just for you!

Physically challenged Driver

Private Chauffeur for Personal Needs

Are you or someone you love facing physical challenges to your independence? Is getting around in a car alone more difficult than it used to be because of a disability, age, or other factors? Is public transportation not a viable, reliable, or trusted option for you?

There is no need to feel "stuck" anymore or deal with public transportation. Parks Drivers can be your private chauffeur and take you or your loved one to any destination — and in the comfort of your own car or wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

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Give the Gift of Parks Drivers!

Looking for the perfect and unique gift for a loved one, friend, or business associate? How about giving the gift of Parks Drivers? We can be someone's personal chauffeur for a day...or maybe even a week!


Let us take them anywhere they want to go, in the comfort of their own car.

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Portable Office for Business Travelers

Time is money. If you are in a car most of your day — whether for your own business or an employer — you know that there is a lot of wasted time while you are driving between locations. What if you need to access your laptop, iPad or mobile phone for important information while you are driving? What if the timeliness and professionalism of your response makes the difference between closing a deal or losing the business? 


Parks Drivers is an invaluable service for the busy traveling professional because we increase your productivity. We will drive you in your car, and you can customize it to your work settings and comfort. There is no need to acclimate yourself to a new vehicle every time you enter and exit, or to clear out your seat when you leave. It is your car — make it your portable office while we drive you.

Concierge Service

Concierge & Courier Services

From prescriptions and medical devices, to packages and food, to confidential legal and medical documents, to your primary or secondary home, Parks Drivers is your partner in transportation. We can ensure you or others receive or send important items and take care of essential business and necessities in a timely, secure, and trustworthy fashion.


We can provide these services when you are busy or away on business or pleasure, so you do not need to worry while you travel. The important tasks will already be completed before you return home.

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Ultimate Family or Friends Vacation

Need to drive somewhere to go on vacation? If you are driving to a destination or to the airport, driving time can add an unneeded layer of stress and responsibility to your plans.


Why not let the chauffeurs at Parks Drivers turn travel time into part of your vacation? You and your family or friends can literally kick your feet up and relax while we drive your car or another insured vehicle of your choice to your destination. We can also pick you up when you are ready to come back. Stop driving yourself and make this your ultimate vacation.

Insurance & Consent Form

If you are new to our car services, then please download, fill out, and sign this form below.

Present the completed form to your chauffeur when he or she arrives for the first time. (You will not need to fill it out every time.)

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